Wasel Packages

Zendure- Bag (Case) for Mobile Accessories

QAR 60.00

Zendure Electronic Organizer for:  Power banks Chargers Cables Phones Electronic essentials

Goui - BackPack Line 20 Litters

QAR 149.00

Key Features  Backpack 20 liters Perfect for Travel + School Organize and Protect Weather Resistant Secure Hide Pocket Magnetic Bar Charge Your DevicesUSB portType C Port

Powerology 5in1 Power Combo Travel Package

QAR 259.00

Description The Powerology 5-in-1 power combo is a long-lasting power station designed for your convenience, especially while traveling. The stylish carry bag can accompany all your charging needs in a...

Goui Travel Package

QAR 300.00

Description  In this offer you will get Hero 10 Power Bank with convenient 2 port designed for charging devices simultaneously + Spot UK Wall Charger Dual USB you can charge...

Zendure Travel Package

QAR 430.00

Description  n this offer you will get A2 Power Bank 6700mAh + A5 Power Bank 16750mAh + 2-Port Car Charger 30W that supports Qualcomm 3.0 Technology & ZEN+ Technology. +...

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